Extra services

If you are a regular customer of our Company, we are ready to offer you some extra services, which include:

  • delivery of small freights by road, by sea or by air;
  • consolidation of different suppliers’ freights;
  • delivery of your freight in small consignments from our warehouse to Door;
  • “all risks” insurances of your freight for the payee;
  • storage warehousing;
  • tracking of freights along the line, including railway;
  • sourcing of suppliers in Asia.

The Company’s strategy combines accumulated experience, modern methods of arrangement and management of transportation with application of the latest developments in the sphere of information technologies, individual approach to work with customers and forming-up of financial policy.

We are not just a logistic company developing best freight traffic routs. Our task is to handle all your problems concerning international logistics, and to allow you carrying on with your core activity not being distracted by trivial matters.