Basic / Additional / Specialized


The list of basic services:


The list of Additional services:

  • Freight insurance by drawing up policies to bearer;
  • Certification of imported goods;
  • Survey and fumigation if applicable;
  • intermediate storage and warehousing of your freight at our warehouse with the subsequent delivery at the specified address;
  • delivery of cargo to your warehouse or straight to the warehouse of your customer;
  • consolidation of consignments of goods from different suppliers;
  • provision of import customs regime with preliminary declaration
  • acting as your agent we dispense you from the necessity of acting as a participant of foreign economic activity;
  • transloading of freight at the territory of St. Petersburg port;



The list of specialized services:

  • Agreement of delivery terms with the Sellers considering transportation schemes used, as well as modes of payment;
  • Recommendations on best packaging methods and batch sizes;
  • Defending your legitimate interests at the customs;
  • Selection of suppliers in Asia and monitoring of shipment;
  • Provide our own translators for Chinese language;
  • Our own translators from the Chinese language;
  • Transloading and storage of your freight transported by railway at our own open sites with gantry cranes, located in the areas of main border terminals (Naushki, Zabaikalsk, Grodekovo)
  • To carry out temporary import regime

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