Forwarding of containers in St. Petersburg port

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Smoothly running forwarding process is just like well-adjusted clock in which the actions of each of the members influence the final result: meeting delivery dates not exceeding expenses.

We work under direct contracts with all the lines presented in St. Petersburg port, and at all container terminals (areas).

Basing on our long-term experience of working with a wide freight nomenclature, we believe that the service of the highest quality specifies:

  • quick gathering and transfer of documents;
  • well adjusted cooperation with state inspection agencies;
  • timely arrangement of freight for customs examination;
  • an opportunity to urgently order road transport and expressly deliver freight;
  • flexible approach to the terms of payment;
  • timely provision of information on all documents required;
  • processing of cargoes without delays and extra expenses;
  • provision of current information on each stage of transportation due to the system of containers monitoring;

Your personal manager will inform you about possible unresolved issues beforehand and will provide you with professional consultation on planning of you warehouse operation while accepting your freight.

Domestic customs transit (DCT) in St/ Petersburg port.

The organization of internal customs transit allows our clients performing customs clearance at any terminal of the Russian Federation.

A successful passing of DCT procedure requires special knowledge in Customs Legislation, as well as considerable practical experience.

Properly trained specialists of our Company will consult you on and assist you in preparation of a set of documents needed for DCT, meeting all requirements of the Baltic customs according to the type of cargo.

A tight cooperation of our forwarders and managers provides an opportunity of 24/7 export of in-transit freight, regardless of the day of week.

International Customs Transit (ICT)

Border crossings of our country often turn out to be an obstacle for delivery of cargoes to CIS countries and other border states. We are ready to perform:

  • Delivery of cargoes from Asia to Europe by rail transport;
  • Payment of railway tariffs at the territories of all states along the line;
  • Execution of all necessary documents;
  • Passing of international customs transit (ICT) procedure at the port of St. Petersburg and other border crossings to the final point of destination;
  • port clearance by all modes of transport monitoring the movement of transport up to the place of destination;

With our help you will be able to open sales markets in Ukraine, the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Mongolia and many other nearest states.


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