What difficulties could you face while warehousing?

Hundreds thousands of square meters of warehouse premises around Russia are not equipped with shelving constructions. It means that sometimes you have to pay extra money for renting warehouse space without having, for example, a possibility of placing one pallet with cargo onto another one. Moreover, it often happens that when the cargo arrives at the warehouse it appears that there’s not space for it and you have to urgently rent a bigger area.

Solution to the problem.

Covered storehouses of R-Line Company equipped with multilevel shelving constructions and relevant loading and unloading equipment.

More than 1500 square meters of the space involve well structured and ready for storage rows of shelving.

Obviously there’s also free space for freight subject to immediate transloading to another transport.

At our warehouses we keep accurate records of turnover and do bar coding which allows us considerably reducing costs and offering you competitive rates.

You are also offered such services as:

  • Assortment storage of cargoes with further batching upon your request;
  • Delivery of any consignments in St. Petersburg or by any transport to any region of the RF;
  • Additional packaging / marking and insurance of your consignments;

We are glad to offer you free storage for the first two days of placement!



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