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Our Company has exclusive schemes for the delivery of cargoes in wagons and open wagons from Asia and Europe, including customs clearance both at the stations nearest to border terminals, and at final points of destination (including 16 border terminals at the territory of the RF). .

Considerable reduction of your expenses and the delivery term

  • availability of exclusive schemes for the delivery of cargoes in wagons and open wagons from Asia and Europe;
  • performance of customs clearance both at the stations nearest to border terminals, and at final points of destination;
  • direct contracts with foreign railway forwarding agents (not only European but also Chinese);
  • the use of individual agreements for repayment of internal as well as external tariffs;
  • cooperation with wagon owners, which allows us developing and complying complicated deliveries without involvement of intermediate parties;
  • Our own translators of Chinese language and our representative office in Shanghai, which can be of great use while establishing partnerships and providing a competent preparation of Chinese documents.

Moreover, for deliveries from China we can offer:

  • transloading of cargoes from Chinese wagons into rolling stock of Russian railways;
  • transloading and long-term storage of your cargo at our own open sites with gantry cranes in the areas of main border terminals (Naushki, Zabaikalsk, Grodekovo);
  • transloading to the rented rolling stock with the reduction of the number of wagons in comparison with Chinese rolling stocks, which have less tonnage capacity;
  • A considerable reduction in delivery dates (Dalian – Moscow – 35-40 days).

In addition to this for deliveries from the EU we can offer:

  • accumulation of cargoes on the warehouses of our partners in the EU countries situated nearby the RF border, with possibility of further loading on the rolling stock on Russian railways;
  • Selection of specialized rail transport for non-standard cargoes.


At present our Company is a consignee of rail freights at stations in many regions of the RF such as:

Chita Zabaikalsk Kaliningrad Irkutsk
Novosibirsk Yekaterinburg Moscow St. Petersburg


Transloading at the territory of St. Petersburg is one of the services offered to you

Organization of transloading of import/export cargoes into/out of the rail rolling stock in the port of St. Petersburg will allow you saving time as well as money by means of:

- carrying out transloading directly in the port without using intermediate transport on the way from the port to a railway station;

- no extra costs on export and return of line containers back to stock.

Moreover, we are ready to offer you storage and transloading of freight at a number of terminals out of the territory of St. Petersburg port, which can add to reducing costs due to less expensive storage as well as to a wider range of load handling operations – our terminals are fitted with sophisticated technical equipment allowing transloading of all types of cargo. Therefore you will receive a unique service optimized for your needs.

International Customs Transit (ICT)

Border crossings of our country often turn out to be an obstacle for delivery of cargoes to CIS countries and other border states. We are ready to carry out:

  • Delivery of cargoes from Asia to Europe by rail transport;
  • Payment of railway tariffs at the territories of all states along the line;
  • Execution of all necessary documents;
  • Passing of international customs transit (ICT) procedure at the port of St. Petersburg and other border crossings to the final point of destination;
  • port clearance by all modes of transport monitoring the movement of transport up to the place of destination;

With our help you will be able to open sales markets in Ukraine, the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Mongolia and many other nearest states.


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