Trucking is without a doubt the most convenient type of freight traffic. This becomes even more obvious when it concerns freight traffic within a relatively close range up to 1,5 thousand km and in European part of the RF. It provides such advantages as:

  • quick deliveryof freights from seller to buyer without intermediate transloading;
  • clear personalization of responsibilityfor each particular freight;
  • and availability of high-level tracking of its condition and location in the process of transportation;

Today the Company performs deliveries both by standard eurotrucks (tents) as well as by truck trains of bigger volume (up to 120 m3), covering everyday requirements of several tens of producers at the territory of the Russian Federation. St. Petersburg port clearing is carried out by trucks meant for both light and heavy containers.

Besides standard deliveries we are greatly experienced in arrangement of over-dimensioned and heavy-lift cargoes transportation , involving special-purpose carrying equipment, consultant experts in loading/discharging and obtaining of required permits along the route.


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