Branch R-Line Yekaterinburg

Branch R-Line Yekaterinburg

Branch R-Line Yekaterinburg opens up new possibilities in the field of logistics and customs clearance in the markets of the Urals region. A favorable location of our representative office at the crossroads of many different transportation corridors will solve logistical problems of any complexity.

Continual work on the arrangement of transportation regionally in Russia we offer a range of services to greatly simplify the development of your business in the following areas:

  • Delivery of imported cargo on rail wagons and transloading at borders into Russian rail wagons;
  • Shipment of export cargo in containers through any Russian ports;
  • Customs clearance import/export, regionally , and also over Russian borders;
  • Truck supply, if required, intermediate depot;
  • Sea transportation of containers followed by trucks or railway deliveries up to your warehouse.

As a client of our company, you can contact us with a variety of tasks of diverse range, which we are ready to solve with you. We would like to note ,that the majority emerging participants of foreign trade of non-standard situations, has a lot of decisions:

  • Provision of heavy cranes for loading and unloading,
  • Urgent air supply of spare parts from the supply contractor,
  • Confirm the value of your goods in the CCI,
  • Buying/selling of  container manufacturing equipment,

By no means a list of tasks that the ratios of price/time / money are resolved in different ways. Raise concern over your problem today, and tomorrow we have ready-made options to resolve the situation.

R-Line Yekaterinburg has proven itself among customers as a highly professional team, capable of solving virtually any logistical problems which are not limited by the geographic scope. Like other divisions of the company, the branch works with all types of cargo and develop unique customized solutions for each client.

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